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Tips from Our Charlotte Dentist to Take Care of Your Teeth at Thanksgiving

With the focus on food at Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget about the importance of good dental health to enjoy chewing and tasting those holiday favorites. But if you don’t practice good dental hygiene and see your general dentist twice a year, someday you may lack strong teeth with which to fully savor the dinner celebration. As the holidays approach, and with Thanksgiving nearly here, remember to take care of your teeth so you can keep them healthy and strong as long as possible.

Make time for daily dental care.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you may be tempted to put routine dental care on the back burner. More than ever through the festive dinners, parties, and celebrations with all the sweets and rich foods, you need to take care of your teeth every day. Don’t neglect brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash, even if you can’t brush after every meal or snack.

See your general dentist twice a year.

Sometimes we want to postpone regular activities to make room for holiday events. If possible, keep your scheduled dental exams. Your general dentist can repair early decay in your teeth as well as diagnose any other problems that may be developing. If you wait until after the holidays, cavities may get worse, and problems could become more extensive. With holiday excitement in the air, remind yourself to make and keep appointments for routine dental exams to keep your teeth healthy.

Report any problems with your teeth to the dentist.

If you’re between six-month dental checkups, contact your local dentist office to report any new or unresolved problems. For example, if you develop a toothache, don’t wait until after the holidays to call the dentist. Or if your jaw becomes painful or you find a sore in your mouth, don’t hesitate to contact your local dentist office. Catching a problem early can usually save time and money, and sometimes pain or complications.

While you’re having loads of fun this holiday season, don’t overlook the necessity of protecting your teeth. You want to keep them working effectively as long as possible so you can enjoy every bite of turkey with stuffing and pumpkin pie!

Our Charlotte Dentists Share How Cosmetic Dentistry Strengthens Confidence

The modern world of cosmetic dentistry has changed the way people view themselves and the world around them. It has given them the confidence to accomplish things that they never realized they could with the help of their cosmetic dentist. New techniques in the field of cosmetic dentistry are helping everyone look and feel their best each day.

Sparkling Teeth

A bright smile is one of the first things people notice when meeting someone for the first time. White teeth really make a lasting impression and are an indicator that they take pride in the way they look. There are many different foods and drinks that stain teeth. Even the natural aging process yellows teeth causing people to look older than they really are. A visit to the local dentist office is the first step to a whiter smile.


Veneers are a wafer-thin shell that covers the front and sides of the tooth to improve their overall appearance. They work well to cover spaces and misshapen teeth. Teeth that are permanently stained get a new lease on life with veneers from a cosmetic dentist.

Braces Keep Teeth on the Straight Path

Braces are a beneficial way to straighten teeth in both children and adults. They are often used for cosmetic reasons, but they are also applied in correlation with jaw relocation and irregular bites. These conditions can create health problems such as headaches and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). Today’s braces are as individualized as the person who wears them. The traditional metal is still commonplace but ceramic, lingual, clear, and invisible are used on patients who are looking to make the move without the fuss.

Crowns Do More than Cover

Crowns are designed to cover the entire tooth and are generally made out of metal, resin, ceramic, or a combination of materials. They are most often used when a tooth is weak due to damage from a cavity or a chip. Crowns are designed to strengthen the tooth while restoring its color and shape.

Bridges Fill the Gaps

Missing teeth can be unhealthy and unattractive. The cosmetic dentist uses artificial teeth to fill in the gaps with a fixed bridge. They are attached to the nearby teeth working in correlation with crowns to help hold everything in place.

Now is the time to call our South Charlotte dentist office for an appointment and get that boost of confidence started today.

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