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Have You Seen Your Dentist Lately?

Seeing your dentist for twice-a-year checkups is important. Teeth can deteriorate rapidly due to a number of conditions. Even if you are doing everything right in your personal dental hygiene approach, a local dentist office checkup can spot any developing problems early and treat them before they become serious. Here are some important reasons to have regular dental screenings.

Promote Dental Health

A dental hygienist will check your gums, clean your teeth professionally, take x-rays, and record your complaints or dental problems for the dentist to check. You will receive updates about new medical procedures that can help any dental conditions you might have. You’ll also be given guidelines for brushing and flossing your teeth, as well as using other helpful tools, such as a proxy-brush or water-pic device.

Catch Problems Early

Dental exams are fairly standard. The dentist will carefully examine and evaluate your teeth and oral structures, including the gums, tongue, palate, and throat, as well as sometimes the jaw, for any signs of problems like oral cancer or periodontal disease. Suspicious areas will be noted for future checkups and follow-ups or tested for problematic issues. If a cavity has begun to develop, the dentist can fill it immediately to prevent further decay to the tooth.

Keep Teeth Strong and Healthy

By addressing emerging problems from the outset, dental exams will head off larger problems that could damage your teeth significantly or even lead to their loss. He or she can discuss with you the different types of fillings that may be best for your situation. By monitoring your dental health overall, the dentist can prescribe special treatments or products that can keep your teeth in good shape, like a fluoride rinse, for example.

Get Referrals to Dental Specialists

If related dental problems are identified, such as crooked or missing teeth, or the beginning of gum disease, a general dentist can refer you to an orthodontist or a periodontist for special assistance. Detailed help on problems like these will keep your teeth in good shape and your mouth overall in good health.

If you haven’t seen your dentist lately, maybe it’s time to schedule an office visit with our Charlotte general dentist for a checkup and thorough teeth cleaning. Our front desk staff can explain what to expect and if you should bring a prior dental record from another dentist’s office when you are filling out our new patient intake form. We look forward to helping you and improving your overall oral hygiene.

Why Parents Need a General Dentist for Their Families

Have One Dentist for a Family’s Dental Care Needs

If your family requires routine dental exams twice a year, then a general dentist is the best person to see. This is the type of dental professional who is able to treat a wide range of age groups for treatments such as cleaning teeth or filling cavities. In addition to taking care of adults, a dentist working in a general dentistry practice is ready to care for teenagers and children, and in many cases, the dental staff is willing to schedule several family members on the same day to make oral health care easier for families. A local dentist office is the best choice for busy families in order to have a quick visit after children are finished with their school day or adults are going home after work.

A Local Dentists Office’s Assistants and Hygienists become Friends

A general dentist has education and training with completing several types of procedures such as making an attractive dental crown or veneer to repair a damaged tooth. By selecting a local dentist office, a family can visit the same facility for many years, and dental assistants often become close friends who understand your particular oral health needs. A dental hygienist is able to clean hardened tartar from your teeth faster because they know about your mouth’s structure and understand that you need mild anesthesia for the process. If an emergency happens such as a toothache or dislocated tooth, then you can drive quickly to a dental facility that is located nearby.

Parents Learn to Trust the Local Dental Office Team with Their Children

As a parent, you know that you can bring an infant for their first visit to a general dentist to determine if their primary teeth are healthy, and because your toddler is visiting the same dental facility each time, they are less fearful about the process and think it is fun to undergo dental exams. This makes dental office visits simpler for parents who do not want to cope with a child having a temper tantrum in a dental facility’s parking lot. You can feel comfortable dropping a teenager off at the dental facility to have a simple procedure because you trust the dental care team completely. To have professional dental exams for you and family members, contact our Charlotte dentist office to schedule your appointments.

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