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Preserve and Protect Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns

Teeth can be damaged for many reasons. If the problem is a cavity, an experienced dentist can use a filling to treat the problem. In other situations, you may need more extensive restorative dentistry like fitting a tooth with a crown.

Restorative Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be either cosmetic or restorative. The difference is mainly the purpose for which a crown is used. An experienced dentist uses crowns to improve the appearance of misaligned or discolored teeth, which is typically considered cosmetic. Restorative dentistry relies on the same crowns to repair chipped teeth as well as correct other functional problems.

A dental crown is usually made of porcelain. It serves as or cover that fits over a damaged tooth to protect it and to allow the patient to use her teeth normally. Sometimes a metal underlay forms part of a crown when extra strength is required. Even when a crown is used for primarily restorative dentistry, there’s some overlap with cosmetic functions because experienced dentists try to match the crown’s appearance to that of the person’s other teeth.

Reasons to Use Crowns

There are several categories of dental problems for which crowns are an appropriate solution. These include:

  • A crowns protects teeth that are chipped or fractured, and to resotre the tooth’s appearance.
  • Sometimes a tooth decays so much that a filling isn’t sufficient. An existing filling may fall out or there may not be enough of the original tooth to support a filling.
  • Crowns are used to protect teeth following root canals because teeth can fracture because they often become brittle.
  • When a dental bridge is needed, crowns are used to secure it. A bridge is a prosthetic replacement used when more than one toot is removed. Crowns placed on adjacent teeth serve as anchors.


You must see the dentist twice to get a crown installed. During the first visit, the dentist makes an impression of the tooth that is used to make the crown. A temporary crown is placed over the damaged tooth to protect it. On the follow-up visit, the dentist removes the temporary crown and checks to make sure the permanent one fits correctly. Finally, the new crown is cemented in place.

When you need dental work like a restorative crown, please give us a call to make an appointment.

Our Restorative Dentist Can Restore Teeth Function Fast & Affordably!

The aging process does not play favorites. It is a full service experience that affects our joints, our skin, our memory and our teeth. Years of use and body changes greatly impact our teeth, wearing down protective enamel, causing chips and cracking, even damaging existing dental work. Fortunately, modern technology and advancements in dental procedures have led to several cosmetic dentistry services that can restore the function and the overall appearance of any smile.

Restorative dentists are trained to repair aging, damaged teeth. Their basic services include filling cavities and replacing dental work that that has become worn and broken. The new standard of porcelain fillings and crowns is used to replace unhealthy and weak metal and composite materials used in the past. These porcelain inlays are simple to perform, take very little time and last for over fifteen years. The new dental work will attractively match the natural tooth color and, most importantly, restore teeth function.

In order to fully restore teeth function restorative dentists now use advanced technology to guarantee the repair maintains the correct shape of the tooth. For example, proper fit for a crown is determined by a technology called CEREC 3D which uses a camera to map the tooth. This system allows the dentist to correctly match the surface of the tooth, limiting rough spots that may lead to improper bite and guaranteeing a complete seal of the tooth.

There are many different cosmetic dentistry services available to those with damaged and aging teeth. There are multiple resources that detail what to look for when looking for teeth repair that will be attractive, functional, and long-lasting. We hope you enjoyed our quick tips article and please give our Pineville dentist office a call with any further questions.

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