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Looking For a Trustworthy Cosmetic Dentist? Look No Further than Solace Dentistry!

Modern cosmetic dental procedures allow people to improve their oral features. But as good as the dental equipment and tools accessible today, the professional using them is the key factor who commands these machines and executes the techniques. Looking for a stalwart cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte is essential to ensuring timely and accurate diagnosis and cost-effective and safe treatment.


In the cosmetic dentistry industry, the quality of training completed by a licensed professional will play a vital role to his/her ability to carry out invasive procedures that go beyond teeth and gums. Root canal, for example, requires solid training in handling equipment and minimizing hand and wrist motion to avoid damaging nerves. A dentist who acquires the formal training and education to perform cosmetic treatment is titled as a Prosthodontist. Ask your prospects if they have this qualification before moving on to more specific questions about their practice.

Sample Cases

A cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte who considers himself an experienced professional in the field will have photos of real cases, particularly before and after photos of the mouth. This serves as a proof of expertise and quality assurance for future clients. If your dentist claims he has experience but cannot provide any previous case photos, check out online reviews about his practice, and whether clients found the service satisfactory.

Technology and Procedures

Better technology and tools allow execution of cosmetic dentistry diagnosis and treatment. A dental practice equipped with modern technology including digital X-rays, dental lasers, and intra-oral optics can provide safer and more accurate treatment. The procedures your dentist use should also be a question of interest. How exactly do they perform root canal, tooth removal, or even basic cleaning?

Time and Location Availability

Some dentists and medical professionals will move between clinics. In addition, not all practices are open at the same days per week. Even as you correct oral defects and treat oral diseases, dental care is an ongoing process that requires regular checkup and maintenance. Look for a cosmetic dentist who is available at times most convenient for you and at a nearby location that you can access easily.


Finding a trustworthy cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte should not overwork you. There are many options available, but none can compare to our practice, Solace Dentistry. Call us today for an appointment and get examined by a licensed and experienced cosmetic dentist.


Dental Crowns & Bridges: Knowing Which One Is Best For You

The use of dental crowns and bridges is included as part of restorative dentistry. You need special devices to replace missing teeth and improve your smile. You may need to cap broken teeth or straighten uneven teeth. Installing crowns or bridges is a popular option at a typical dentist’s office. Know the difference between the two and choose the right option for you.


A crown is a cap that covers the entire tooth. The crown is placed on top of your natural tooth or a dental implant. It is similar to a crown that you place on top of the head – it covers the top but not the base. On a natural tooth, the crown covers a large hole or cavity.

The crown is manufactured in a lab, and the final product is cemented onto the tooth. It is made of restorative materials that, with proper maintenance, last as long as natural teeth do. A variety of materials appear on crowns, such as porcelain, ceramic, metal and gold.

Mainly, the crown is designed to strengthen the tooth and improve the full appearance of teeth. The crown covers the top, while the veneer covers the front of the tooth.


A dental bridge is another type of restorative device like a crown. It also involves the process of attaching a false tooth to a natural tooth or implant. A crown is a top covering, while a bridge is an attachment made of one or more teeth.

Bridges are also known as dentures that replace missing teeth and cannot be removed. Like with crowns, the tooth is prepared first, and the product is applied using cement.


Dental crowns and bridges are more similar than different. The devices are permanently attached to the teeth, so the installation must be done by a professional. Specialists are trained to do these installations, but plenty of dentists are trained in the restorative field. Not every South Charlotte dentist is qualified to handle this procedure, so you must pick and choose carefully.

Many people wonder what crowns and bridges do. You cannot use either device to fix the same problem. You must know the full details in order to make the right choice. Either way, find a professional to create the perfect product for you. Reach out to a dental professional who specializes in crowns and bridges, and contact our South Charlotte dentist for an appointment.


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