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Enhance Your Smile & Protect Your Teeth

Porcelain Veneers – Enhance Your Smile & Protect Your Teeth

It is your smile that helps create the first impression. Your teeth play the most important role in having the perfect smile. Eventually, it comes down to your dental health and how confident you feel to put their teeth on display. An increasing number of people are realizing the benefits of veneers that help hide all the flaws and enhance your smile.

We at Solace Dentistry provide total dental solutions including veneers at one place. Find out everything about these dental enhancements and their benefits in making you look and feel more confident and better.

What are Veneers?

A veneer is mostly made of porcelain and gets bonded to the tooth to enhance its shape and color. It is designed in a way that only the top and front of the tooth gets covered. There are many ways these porcelain laminates help improve your teeth. They can close any gaps between teeth. They can whiten your dark or stained teeth or add length to misshapen or small teeth. They also have protective benefits for your damaged or chipped teeth, preventing further wear.

There are different ways that veneers can help boost your confidence and dental health.

Enhance Your Teeth

Porcelain veneer can enhance teeth with different types of problems. You can use it if you have discoloration. It can also help address teeth misalignment. Even when you have small teeth, these laminates can help achieve uniformity. A mold is made of your teeth and then it is sized so that it fits properly to the problem teeth.

Save Your Teeth

Many times, you can use veneers to save your weakened or cracked teeth. The veneer works as a splint when the tooth is stabilized and prevents the need for tooth replacement. Porcelain laminates are thin, but once they get bonded to the teeth, they are quite durable. Combined with proper care, they can help prevent tooth decay too.

Veneers can thus help in enhancing your smile and teeth function, while also in protecting your teeth. Your teeth will become more symmetrical, your bite will improve, and cracked teeth will get splinted. Thus, there are many advantages of choosing these porcelain laminates for your teeth. We at Solace Dentistry provide all kinds of dental solutions including porcelain veneers. Whether you have misaligned teeth or you want to enhance your smile, give us a call or send us an email for an appointment. We have well-qualified and experienced dentists who can examine your teeth and recommend the best solution.

What are the Advantages of Restorative Dentistry Procedures?

What are the Advantages of Restorative Dentistry Procedures?

If you are facing any kind of dental health issues that interfere with its functioning, your dentist can recommended a restorative dentistry procedure. There are different types of such procedures based on what kind of dental problem you have. We at Solace Dentistry provide all types of dental treatments within our comfortable and fully equipped dental office.

Find out the different benefits of restorative dentistry procedures for your teeth.

Tooth Decay Repair

If your tooth has developed cavity, it is important to prevent an infection. In this case, the procedure usually involves filling the cavity using a special resin that helps restore the tooth. Such restorative procedure takes one or two visits to the dentist.

If the tooth gets infected due to decay, the bacteria enter the inner pulp or tissue.  Root canal treatment can help in removing the infected pulp and restoring the tooth’s function.

Restore Teeth Function

If you have damaged, cracked or missing teeth, your dental function can be hampered. You will find some level of difficulty with eating. Restorative dentistry can involve the use of dental implants or dental crows to improve your mouth’s function.

When you have broken tooth, placing a dental crown can be a highly effective treatment to restore the tooth’s function. It is durable and can also withstand different types of pressures and bite forces.

Enhance Aesthetics

Even when restoring the function of the teeth, restorative dentistry can also help in restoring or enhancing your teeth’s aesthetics. Cracked or missing teeth can adversely affect your smile. The right procedure can not only help restore the teeth’s functions, it can also make your smile beautiful.

Prevent Wisdom Tooth Impaction & Pain

When your wisdom teeth appear, they can get impacted and cause pain. There is also a risk of misalignment. Restorative dentistry can help in identifying the teeth that need to be removed before they cause any problems.

Treating Different Dental Problems

There are different types of procedures within restorative dentistry. Some of these treatments include:

  • Periodontal gum therapy
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental bonding
  • Veneers
  • Bridges
  • Partial/full dentures

Whatever type of dental problems you may have, the experienced dentists at Solace Dentistry can provide all types of restorative dentistry procedures. We can help restore your dental functions, treat different types of dental problems, and help enhance your smile. Feel free to contact us at our email or phone to fix an appointment.

Considering A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is essentially a metal tooth root that’s anchored into the jaw bone. It becomes the base for fitting the tooth/ bridge. While bridges are also used to fill in gaps created by missing teeth; implants are different in that they don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for support. In addition, they are stable and permanent. Implants are the best solution for tooth loss and they also feel and look like natural teeth.

Dental implants – the procedure

  • The titanium root is implanted in the bone
  • It is given time to bond with the bone
  • Once the area has completely healed, the prosthetic tooth is placed on top of this implant
  • In some instances, more than one implant will be placed. In this case, the implants are connected using a bridge and the 2 extreme ends are then connected to the implants. This helps people avoid using removable dentures

Who is the right candidate for dental implants?

Not everyone can be a candidate for dental implants; there are certain limitations, such as:

  • You should be in good health
  • It’s important that you have the proper bone structure
  • Your gums should be healthy as they have to hold the implant in place
  • If you have any chronic illnesses like diabetes or certain problems like bruxism or clenching, this can have a negative impact in the success rate of the implant
  • Smokers or those who consume alcohol may not be suitable candidates for dental implants

People who have dentures can also opt for dental implants in place of their removable dentures. This process of fixing a dental implant can take up to 9 months to get completed. Every patient heals at a different rate and that is why there is a variation in time. Once the posts and the implants have been surgically placed, it can take up to 6 months for it to heal. Fitting the teeth can take over 2 months. In case the patient has good bone quality, only one appointment is required to place the posts and replace the teeth.

We provide the best treatment dental implants in our state-of-the-art clinic. For any more details about the different services we provide, contact us without delay. To schedule an appointment with one of our dentist, call us at 704-544.3363.

Looking For a Trustworthy Cosmetic Dentist? Look No Further than Solace Dentistry!

Modern cosmetic dental procedures allow people to improve their oral features. But as good as the dental equipment and tools accessible today, the professional using them is the key factor who commands these machines and executes the techniques. Looking for a stalwart cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte is essential to ensuring timely and accurate diagnosis and cost-effective and safe treatment.


In the cosmetic dentistry industry, the quality of training completed by a licensed professional will play a vital role to his/her ability to carry out invasive procedures that go beyond teeth and gums. Root canal, for example, requires solid training in handling equipment and minimizing hand and wrist motion to avoid damaging nerves. A dentist who acquires the formal training and education to perform cosmetic treatment is titled as a Prosthodontist. Ask your prospects if they have this qualification before moving on to more specific questions about their practice.

Sample Cases

A cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte who considers himself an experienced professional in the field will have photos of real cases, particularly before and after photos of the mouth. This serves as a proof of expertise and quality assurance for future clients. If your dentist claims he has experience but cannot provide any previous case photos, check out online reviews about his practice, and whether clients found the service satisfactory.

Technology and Procedures

Better technology and tools allow execution of cosmetic dentistry diagnosis and treatment. A dental practice equipped with modern technology including digital X-rays, dental lasers, and intra-oral optics can provide safer and more accurate treatment. The procedures your dentist use should also be a question of interest. How exactly do they perform root canal, tooth removal, or even basic cleaning?

Time and Location Availability

Some dentists and medical professionals will move between clinics. In addition, not all practices are open at the same days per week. Even as you correct oral defects and treat oral diseases, dental care is an ongoing process that requires regular checkup and maintenance. Look for a cosmetic dentist who is available at times most convenient for you and at a nearby location that you can access easily.


Finding a trustworthy cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte should not overwork you. There are many options available, but none can compare to our practice, Solace Dentistry. Call us today for an appointment and get examined by a licensed and experienced cosmetic dentist.


10 Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs We Hear in Our South Charlotte Dental Office

What is cosmetic dentistry and is it different from general dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry is a combination of science and art to help individuals achieve a healthy and flawless smile. Unlike general dentistry which is aimed at assisting patients to have healthy gums and teeth, it is concerned with appearance.

What are the common cosmetic treatments?

  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns
  • Bonding
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Bridges
  • Lumineers
  • Dental implants
  • Veneers

Why should I consult a cosmetic dentist?
They are specially trained to provide a broad range of treatments that are designed to enhance smiles. Even though most general dentists can perform some cosmetic dental procedures, it is advisable to consult a cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte for focused procedures.

How long will the treatment take?
The duration is determined by the type of therapy and the particular patient. While simple procedures are completed within a single office visit, (such as teeth whitening and dental veneers); others may take a few months.

What is a smile makeover?
It is when a cosmetic dentist examines your smile and recommends one or more cosmetic dental procedures to improve your smile.

What are my options for teeth whitening?
There are varied methods that you can choose; ranging from over the counter products and professional treatments. When going for commercial teeth whitening, ensure you choose products that bear the ADA Seal. Patients who prefer professional methods can consult a cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte.

Are there side effects of teeth whitening?
When done appropriately, the side effects of teeth whitening are rare. Common side effects include white spots on teeth, gum irritation, and tooth sensitivity. If you notice any of the signs after using a teeth whitening product, consult your dentist immediately.

How does dental bonding improve smiles?
Dental bonding helps in improving both function and appearance of your smile by concealing the stains and discoloration as well as filling chips in teeth.

Will my insurance cater for cosmetic dentist procedures?
Cosmetic dental procedures fall under elective procedures. Therefore, most insurance companies do not cover them. However, it also varies with the provider. All the same, you can talk to your dentist and create a flexible payment plan.

Ready to improve your smile?
A smile is considered part of dressing; thus you cannot be fully dressed if you do not have one. That is how much a smile means. If you want to ‘wear’ a more beautiful smile; it has never been easier. Just click here to book your appointment with a cosmetic dentist in South Charlotte.

4 Important Benefits of Teeth Whitening by an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist

Many different people want to enhance their appearance and shed years off of their face by enhancing the look of their teeth with cosmetic treatments that are available. Teeth whitening is an effective method of removing stains or discoloration that have occurred over the years. When you want to brighten your smile and restore your teeth to its natural color, there are a few benefits of visiting a dental professional in the local area.

1. Safe Treatment Methods

Whitening your teeth with a South Charlotte cosmetic dentist can allow you to enhance your smile with safe treatment methods that don’t have risks or side effects. Many home teeth whitening kits can damage the enamel and make the teeth more sensitive to cold or hot temperatures. By whitening your teeth in a dental office, you’ll protect your teeth from damage due to professional tools and products that are used. The expertise of the dental professional will also make for a smooth and safe treatment due to their level of training and education with each step of the process.

2. Long-Lasting Results

Teeth whitening treatments that are performed in dental offices offer long-lasting results that allow the teeth to maintain their new color for an average of six months. This makes it easy to enjoy a beautiful smile without performing additional whitening treatments at home multiple times a year.

3. Quick Treatments

Whitening services that are performed by a South Charlotte cosmetic dentist are quick and efficient, making it easy to schedule an appointment during your lunch break or after work. You can continue with your day’s activities and won’t experience any pain or discomfort during the appointment.

4. Obtain Expert Advice

One of the benefits of using a dentist to whiten your teeth is the ability to obtain professional advice and guidance on your teeth. You can ask for additional tips for white teeth to ensure that you can avoid discoloration or stains from developing in the future after the treatment is performed. The dental professional can provide you with a list of foods or beverages to avoid, along with any habits that can contribute to yellow teeth.

Contact our dental offices today to schedule an appointment.

Guard the Teeth You Have

Uttering the phrase “tooth decay” is likely to elicit gruesome pictures and send a shiver running down the spine of most individuals. However, understanding exactly what tooth decay is and how you can prevent its occurrence will aid in removing this gut physical reaction that the majority of us experience when we think about this aspect of dental health. According to the numbers, this disease is the second most common in all of the United States, second only to the common cold. Its cause can be attributed to plain old lack of attention to our dental health.

The condition is caused as acids begin to damage the surface of our teeth when they are constantly being exposed to liquids and food particles. The high level of exposure increases the probability that pathogens and bacteria will begin to make their home on the tooth surface. Once there, they begin to release these harmful acids as they digest the digest the food particles present in the area. The acids slowly eat away the protective enamel on the toot surface, leading to the formation of a cavity. Left untreated, the acids have the potential to eat away the entire tooth. If the acids reach the gums, then they cause swelling and inflammation that can be very painful.

Riding your teeth of the bacteria that cause this damage requires that you brush your teeth twice, for at least two minutes, on a daily basis. The higher the sugar content of any one food item, the more quickly it can do damage. It is recommended that people brush their teeth within 20 minutes of eating whenever possible. Dentist must correct cavities by filling in the spaces eaten away by the acid in order to protect the inner layers of the tooth. If the acids continue past the enamel to reach the dentine on the tooth’s interior, then an infection can occur, resulting in damage that is difficult to correct. Allowing the damage to run rampant can even make it necessary for total mouth reconstruction.

Dentists regularly performing mouth reconstruction in Charlotte, NC recommend practicing preventive care when it comes to addressing the seriousness of tooth decay. Contact our dental practice today to learn more about our services.

Facts About TMJ That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Three out of every 20 people in the United States suffer from pain that seems to have no cause in their face. It can be pain that radiates into the face itself, the cheekbones or the jaw, or it can be pain that causes earaches and headaches.

While it isn’t a surprise to these Americans that they are in pain, the cause certainly can come as a shocker. Our dentists regularly diagnose patients with a condition known as ‘temporomandibular’ dysfunction and it is one of the chief causes for this seemingly unexplained pain.

How Does TMJ Dysfunction Occur?

To understand the facts about TMJ dysfunction, it’s imperative to understand that the jaw is made up of a complex network of bones, discs, ligaments and muscles that all work together to control simple motions like mastication, speech and any other activity where the jaw is required to move.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction occurs when something goes wrong with the way this system works. Arthritis, an improper bite and jaw dislocation or injury can all be causes for TMJ dysfunction.

As the popularity of braces has increased with children, our dentists are also now seeing ore patients who were patients that were treated using orthodontics with TMJ. This is another point to keep in mind.

When TMJ dysfunction occurs, this network of tissue functions incorrectly. Pain can be felt in or around the ear, in the face or in the form of headaches and neck aches. The most common place for pain to be felt is in the jaw itself, particularly in the form of tenderness of the jaw and its muscles, pain of the jaw that seems prevalent during one time of the day, pain during chewing or yawning or in the form of sensitive teeth.

One cause of TMJ that may be surprising is the fact that it can be caused by stress. More people who work strenuous jobs are likely to suffer from TMJ dysfunction. This can include heavy lifting, construction work and any other kind of hard labor.

Facts About TMJ Treatment

TMJ dysfunction is a condition that a TMJ dentist can treat through relaxation, modification of the pain, reduction of inflammation and realignment of the underlying structure that is reposition for the pain.

It should be noted that irreversible treatments, such as jaw realignment and anything that causes a permanent change to the jaw, should be considered very carefully. These treatments can hurt more than they help, thus a second opinion should always be required from another TMJ dentist before beginning these types of treatment.

Contact our Charlotte dental practice today to learn more about our TMJ services and what will work best for you!

Our Charlotte Dentists Share How Cosmetic Dentistry Strengthens Confidence

The modern world of cosmetic dentistry has changed the way people view themselves and the world around them. It has given them the confidence to accomplish things that they never realized they could with the help of their cosmetic dentist. New techniques in the field of cosmetic dentistry are helping everyone look and feel their best each day.

Sparkling Teeth

A bright smile is one of the first things people notice when meeting someone for the first time. White teeth really make a lasting impression and are an indicator that they take pride in the way they look. There are many different foods and drinks that stain teeth. Even the natural aging process yellows teeth causing people to look older than they really are. A visit to the local dentist office is the first step to a whiter smile.


Veneers are a wafer-thin shell that covers the front and sides of the tooth to improve their overall appearance. They work well to cover spaces and misshapen teeth. Teeth that are permanently stained get a new lease on life with veneers from a cosmetic dentist.

Braces Keep Teeth on the Straight Path

Braces are a beneficial way to straighten teeth in both children and adults. They are often used for cosmetic reasons, but they are also applied in correlation with jaw relocation and irregular bites. These conditions can create health problems such as headaches and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). Today’s braces are as individualized as the person who wears them. The traditional metal is still commonplace but ceramic, lingual, clear, and invisible are used on patients who are looking to make the move without the fuss.

Crowns Do More than Cover

Crowns are designed to cover the entire tooth and are generally made out of metal, resin, ceramic, or a combination of materials. They are most often used when a tooth is weak due to damage from a cavity or a chip. Crowns are designed to strengthen the tooth while restoring its color and shape.

Bridges Fill the Gaps

Missing teeth can be unhealthy and unattractive. The cosmetic dentist uses artificial teeth to fill in the gaps with a fixed bridge. They are attached to the nearby teeth working in correlation with crowns to help hold everything in place.

Now is the time to call our South Charlotte dentist office for an appointment and get that boost of confidence started today.

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