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Tips for Good Dental Hygiene to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Practicing good dental hygiene is not just about getting a shiny white smile. Poor dental hygiene can affect your whole body. Proper teeth cleaning will reduce the risk of many health problems, from gum disease to heart disease. Here are some tips to keep your smile and body healthy.

Know Your Plaque

Plaque is a sticky material that contains bacteria which, if left on your teeth, can lead to bleeding gums, cavities and tooth decay. Plaque is produced by certain foods we eat, like sugary sweets. It is also found in starchy foods, like cereal and bread. The easiest way to fight against plaque is with regular teeth cleaning and regular visits to your general dentist.


A proper teeth cleaning does not just involve the teeth. Your gums, the roof of your mouth and your tongue all need a gently scrubbing. Daily brushing will remove harmful bacteria that can cause bad breath or lead to serious dental issues. For further protection, make sure to visit your general dentist twice a year for a more thorough cleaning.


Many of us often forget that flossing is just as important as brushing our teeth. Flossing removes food from between your teeth that our toothbrush cannot reach. Next time you go for a check-up have your local dentist office demonstrate the proper way to floss. Floss your teeth once a day to fight against cavities.

Mouth Rinse

Mouth rinses are another way to clean your mouth and prevent tooth decay. They should be used along with daily brushing and flossing. Mouth rinses reduce plaque build-up and harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease. However, not every rinse is safe for every mouth. Many are not suitable for children under six years of age. Call your local dentist office for a recommendation of the right mouth rinse for you and your family.

Your Teeth Need Calcium and Vitamins

Consuming calcium and vitamins regularly will strengthen your gums, bones and teeth to keep them healthy. Calcium is found in many foods like milk, orange juice, cheese, yogurt and broccoli. Vitamins D and A, along with potassium, iron, copper and zinc are also all essential in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Let us help you maintain healthy oral hygiene. Contact our Charlotte dental practice today to request an appointment with our dentist.

A Good Dentist Is Key To A Healthy Smile

When it comes to the health of your teeth and gums there is no better source of expertise than a licensed general dentist. A professional is going to be able to help you monitor, treat, and improve your overall dental health including preventing gum disease.

Overall dental health starts at home with a comprehensive daily routine. This routine is designed to reduce plaque above your gum line. What is plaque exactly? Plaque is a sticky colorless film that is produced within the mouth.

As for that at home routine we mentioned above it should consist of the following:

Daily Brushing

Ideally you should brush twice daily at least. However, it is ideal if you brush after each meal. This helps to remove food debris trapped in and around your teeth as well as remove plaque that is forming. Remember, at a minimum shoot for twice daily but after each meal is preferred. Also, don’t forget to brush your tongue. Bacteria loves to form along the tongue so this helps to keep your breath fresh as well as maintain overall mouth health.

Daily Flossing

Flossing at least once daily helps to remove food particles and plaque that your brush can’t quite reach. Flossing is the best method to reach what is left behind from brushing.

Daily Mouthwash

Utilizing a good mouthwash that meets the approval of the American Dental Association is your next step in maintaining good dental health. You can look for the ADA seal on mouthwashes which will help you pick an effective product. The mouthwash helps you further decrease bacteria buildup in your mouth as well as wash away any remaining food particles after brushing.

All of the above steps will help you prevent gum disease at home. However, this is no substitute for regular checkups by a general dentist. The reasoning behind this is that a general dentist is able to diagnose and treat issues that you cannot address yourself. A dentist is going to look at things like your family history, lifestyle factors, as well as utilize advanced equipment to make sure you dental health is at its peak. No matter how detailed the at home treatment plan it is no substitute for a professional cleaning. A dentist is able to remove plaque buildup below your gum line which is missed with at home care. To keep your smile bright and healthy click here to request an appointment with our friendly staff!

Why Parents Need a General Dentist for Their Families

Have One Dentist for a Family’s Dental Care Needs

If your family requires routine dental exams twice a year, then a general dentist is the best person to see. This is the type of dental professional who is able to treat a wide range of age groups for treatments such as cleaning teeth or filling cavities. In addition to taking care of adults, a dentist working in a general dentistry practice is ready to care for teenagers and children, and in many cases, the dental staff is willing to schedule several family members on the same day to make oral health care easier for families. A local dentist office is the best choice for busy families in order to have a quick visit after children are finished with their school day or adults are going home after work.

A Local Dentists Office’s Assistants and Hygienists become Friends

A general dentist has education and training with completing several types of procedures such as making an attractive dental crown or veneer to repair a damaged tooth. By selecting a local dentist office, a family can visit the same facility for many years, and dental assistants often become close friends who understand your particular oral health needs. A dental hygienist is able to clean hardened tartar from your teeth faster because they know about your mouth’s structure and understand that you need mild anesthesia for the process. If an emergency happens such as a toothache or dislocated tooth, then you can drive quickly to a dental facility that is located nearby.

Parents Learn to Trust the Local Dental Office Team with Their Children

As a parent, you know that you can bring an infant for their first visit to a general dentist to determine if their primary teeth are healthy, and because your toddler is visiting the same dental facility each time, they are less fearful about the process and think it is fun to undergo dental exams. This makes dental office visits simpler for parents who do not want to cope with a child having a temper tantrum in a dental facility’s parking lot. You can feel comfortable dropping a teenager off at the dental facility to have a simple procedure because you trust the dental care team completely. To have professional dental exams for you and family members, contact our Charlotte dentist office to schedule your appointments.

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