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Our Charlotte General Dentistry Services Provide Gateway to Awesome Health

Many people do not realize it, but paying a visit to their local dentist office can lead to early detection of other health problems. This is because the health of the body is reflected in the health of the mouth and vice versa. Routine dental exams have even been known to detect problems at an earlier stage than would have occurred at a physician’s office. Our general dentist in Charlotte can tell a great deal by looking inside your mouth.

By the same token, taking proper care of the mouth can prevent some types of illness. Dental exams can detect problems at extremely early stages and leave time for the general dentist to fix them before they become severe. This can save both money and your teeth. It is recommended that everyone visit their local dentist at least twice a year for a routine exam and teeth cleaning.

Studies have shown a correlation between a person’s happiness and willingness to smile and his/her general state of health. Those who smile more tend to be healthier. Therefore, if one is unhappy with his/her smile, seeking dental care can take on paramount importance.

While not every situation can be handled by a general dentist, most issues involving the health of the teeth can be. Those that require more specialized care will be referred to an orthodontist or an oral surgeon. However, most dentists are doctors of dental surgery, meaning they are able to perform the necessary procedures right in their clinics.

A crooked bite, missing or broken teeth, and gum disease can combine to have a strong effect on how one eats. This can have a very negative impact on one’s general health and well-being. Dental professionals can provide the type of care that is needed to correct all of these problems. They can also make recommendations for steps that can be taken at home to prevent the recurrence of these problems.

Make an appointment now to see our Charlotte general dentist for an exam and cleaning if you haven’t done so recently. Maintaining your oral health can prevent other types of illnesses, and the exam could reveal problems in other parts of the body that you did not know about. Either way, our dentist stands at the gateway to obtaining awesome overall health.

South Charlotte Dentist Shares More About Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedures

Evolution can be a tricky thing. Our mouths have been getting smaller and many of us have mouths so small that the last four teeth to come in do not have anywhere to go, causing them to become impacted and requiring wisdom teeth removal.

Symptoms Of A Impacted Tooth

The symptoms of impacted teeth include a difficulty opening one’s mouth, headache or jaw ache, tenderness of the gums, swelling gums and an unpleasant taste when biting down. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a South Charlotte general dentist will need to examine your teeth with diagnostic tools to determine if you are suffering from compacted teeth and need a tooth extraction.

Removing The Tooth

Once it has been determined that you have compacted teeth, the next step is to have your compacted teeth surgically removed so that they are no longer taking up space. The procedure is performed in the dentist’s office. Sometimes, if you will be having more than one tooth pulled at one time, it is a good idea to have your teeth pulled at a hospital.

Going Under An Anesthetic

You will receive a local anesthetic before the surgery. You may be given a general anesthetic if several wisdom teeth are removed at one time or if there is a concern that the wisdom tooth extraction will be very painful.

The Surgery

The gum tissue is opened up by your dentist. Then, any bone that is covering your tooth needs to be removed. It may be necessary for the wisdom tooth to be cut into smaller pieces that allow for the wisdom teeth removal to be easier. You will then need stitches to close up the incision that was made to remove the wisdom tooth. Some stitches are designed to dissolve after a few days and others need to be removed by the dentist.

If you feel like you have a few too many wisdom teeth in your mouth and your teeth are becoming compacted, it is time to contact a South Charlotte general dentist to schedule an appointment.

3 Easy Strategies That Will Optimize Your Dental Health

Now that the health movement is gaining momentum, many people are realizing that dental health plays an integral role in optimizing overall wellness. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, you may be interested in gaining access to general dentistry tips that will empower you to maintain the best set of teeth possible. You can use some or all of the dental strategies outlined below to get the process underway:

1. Never Skip A Dentist Appointment

If you’re serious about maintaining an incredible set of pearly whites, make sure that you never skip a dentist appointment. It is during your annual or semi-annual cleaning sessions that the dentist can implement preventive care services that preclude you from developing serious problems. To ensure that you find the right dentist in South Charlotte, ask friends and family members who they see and trust. You may also want to do internet research to determine who is currently offering the most customized, cutting edge services. If you come across a dentist in South Charlotte who regularly receives positive online reviews from former or current customers, doing business with them is likely a good idea.

2. Avoid Harmful Foods

In addition to attending all of your dentist appointments, make sure that you avoid harmful foods. Some of the foods known to do significant damage to the teeth include:

• wine
• sticky candy
• hard candy
• pickles
• crackers
• coffee
• tea
• soda

While several foods can adversely impact your teeth, it’s important to know that there are also nutritious, delicious items that can make your teeth stronger and healthier. Some of them include:

• apples
• spinach
• beans
• strawberries
• arugula

3. Floss Twice A Day

Flossing should become a central component of your daily lifestyle if you really want to keep your teeth in good health. Flossing is important for at least two reasons. First, it removes the food that becomes trapped between your teeth. Second, it removes the thin film of bacteria which forms between your pearly whites. If this film is not removed, it can evolve into plaque and subsequently lead to unwanted dental issues such as tooth loss, inflamed gums, and cavities.

Don’t Delay: Start Improving Your Teeth Today!

Individuals who want to optimize their dental health should know that there are several strategies they can implement to make it happen. Three of them include visiting the dentist regularly, avoiding potentially harmful foods, and flossing twice daily!

Tips for Good Dental Hygiene to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Practicing good dental hygiene is not just about getting a shiny white smile. Poor dental hygiene can affect your whole body. Proper teeth cleaning will reduce the risk of many health problems, from gum disease to heart disease. Here are some tips to keep your smile and body healthy.

Know Your Plaque

Plaque is a sticky material that contains bacteria which, if left on your teeth, can lead to bleeding gums, cavities and tooth decay. Plaque is produced by certain foods we eat, like sugary sweets. It is also found in starchy foods, like cereal and bread. The easiest way to fight against plaque is with regular teeth cleaning and regular visits to your general dentist.


A proper teeth cleaning does not just involve the teeth. Your gums, the roof of your mouth and your tongue all need a gently scrubbing. Daily brushing will remove harmful bacteria that can cause bad breath or lead to serious dental issues. For further protection, make sure to visit your general dentist twice a year for a more thorough cleaning.


Many of us often forget that flossing is just as important as brushing our teeth. Flossing removes food from between your teeth that our toothbrush cannot reach. Next time you go for a check-up have your local dentist office demonstrate the proper way to floss. Floss your teeth once a day to fight against cavities.

Mouth Rinse

Mouth rinses are another way to clean your mouth and prevent tooth decay. They should be used along with daily brushing and flossing. Mouth rinses reduce plaque build-up and harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease. However, not every rinse is safe for every mouth. Many are not suitable for children under six years of age. Call your local dentist office for a recommendation of the right mouth rinse for you and your family.

Your Teeth Need Calcium and Vitamins

Consuming calcium and vitamins regularly will strengthen your gums, bones and teeth to keep them healthy. Calcium is found in many foods like milk, orange juice, cheese, yogurt and broccoli. Vitamins D and A, along with potassium, iron, copper and zinc are also all essential in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Let us help you maintain healthy oral hygiene. Contact our Charlotte dental practice today to request an appointment with our dentist.

Guard the Teeth You Have

Uttering the phrase “tooth decay” is likely to elicit gruesome pictures and send a shiver running down the spine of most individuals. However, understanding exactly what tooth decay is and how you can prevent its occurrence will aid in removing this gut physical reaction that the majority of us experience when we think about this aspect of dental health. According to the numbers, this disease is the second most common in all of the United States, second only to the common cold. Its cause can be attributed to plain old lack of attention to our dental health.

The condition is caused as acids begin to damage the surface of our teeth when they are constantly being exposed to liquids and food particles. The high level of exposure increases the probability that pathogens and bacteria will begin to make their home on the tooth surface. Once there, they begin to release these harmful acids as they digest the digest the food particles present in the area. The acids slowly eat away the protective enamel on the toot surface, leading to the formation of a cavity. Left untreated, the acids have the potential to eat away the entire tooth. If the acids reach the gums, then they cause swelling and inflammation that can be very painful.

Riding your teeth of the bacteria that cause this damage requires that you brush your teeth twice, for at least two minutes, on a daily basis. The higher the sugar content of any one food item, the more quickly it can do damage. It is recommended that people brush their teeth within 20 minutes of eating whenever possible. Dentist must correct cavities by filling in the spaces eaten away by the acid in order to protect the inner layers of the tooth. If the acids continue past the enamel to reach the dentine on the tooth’s interior, then an infection can occur, resulting in damage that is difficult to correct. Allowing the damage to run rampant can even make it necessary for total mouth reconstruction.

Dentists regularly performing mouth reconstruction in Charlotte, NC recommend practicing preventive care when it comes to addressing the seriousness of tooth decay. Contact our dental practice today to learn more about our services.

6 Easy Tips Anyone Can Do to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Willingly or not, your daily morning habit may be causing too much pain. The choices you make about brush, toothpaste are as much about the wellness you want to attain. These tips from our Pineville dentists can help you fight against sensitivity in your teeth and surrounding area inside your mouth.

1. Choose Toothpaste With ‘Sensitivity’ Label

Expert cosmetic dentists tell us that some people’s toothpaste choices reflect what is cheap, easy to grab and brings immediate taste. Such a choice is one of the reasons these folks have sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. Toothpastes come in various shapes, sizes and content. Some are carefully designed with sensitivity in mind. They usually contain potassium nitrate that cleans and blocks the tubules in the dentin. So if you have sensitive teeth, go for one that clearly specifies this feature on the label.

2. Be Gentle While Brushing

Now, if you are like most people, you may be using a hard brush or scrubbing your teeth vigorously. Teeth etiquette is something you probably haven’t been considering when you wake up in the morning since a long time. The truth is, treating your teeth like a plate can make the enamel as well as the cementum wear out quickly. Changing your brushing habit and being gentle on the teeth can go a long way when you have sensitive teeth.

3. Paint Your Sensitive Teeth

There is an immense discrepancy between the types of desensitizing toothpastes you can buy at stores. If you are unsure, ask our local dentist in Pineville or other cosmetic dentists for painted-on barriers. Your sensitive teeth areas are protected well with the use of professional plastic resin or fluoride varnish at dental clinics. However, depending on the material used, you may have to visit our dental office multiple times.

4. No More Acidic Foods and Drinks

Perhaps never before has the advice been so strong, that acidic foods and drinks make your teeth lose their protective layer faster. If you care about your teeth, limit your exposure to sour juices, red wine and pickles. Or try to brush after you take them. After all, acidic food’s impact on sensitivity hasn’t been limited to teeth alone, it has spread to the intestine and beyond as well.

5. Leave Your Teeth Alone

Let us turn for a moment to the issue of teeth grinding. You have already heard it mentioned several times when you were a child. Grinding teeth is the main cause for unexplained jaw teeth and headaches, besides sensitive teeth. Now, if you have retained that habit into adulthood, time to reconsider it seriously.

6. Exercise Your Facial Muscles

With exercise, you will begin shifting your plate and start experiencing teeth health at the highest level. You will discover the importance of blood flow around gums that can dramatically help your sensitive teeth heal. For more information, visit Solace Dentistry today!.

Why Parents Need a General Dentist for Their Families

Have One Dentist for a Family’s Dental Care Needs

If your family requires routine dental exams twice a year, then a general dentist is the best person to see. This is the type of dental professional who is able to treat a wide range of age groups for treatments such as cleaning teeth or filling cavities. In addition to taking care of adults, a dentist working in a general dentistry practice is ready to care for teenagers and children, and in many cases, the dental staff is willing to schedule several family members on the same day to make oral health care easier for families. A local dentist office is the best choice for busy families in order to have a quick visit after children are finished with their school day or adults are going home after work.

A Local Dentists Office’s Assistants and Hygienists become Friends

A general dentist has education and training with completing several types of procedures such as making an attractive dental crown or veneer to repair a damaged tooth. By selecting a local dentist office, a family can visit the same facility for many years, and dental assistants often become close friends who understand your particular oral health needs. A dental hygienist is able to clean hardened tartar from your teeth faster because they know about your mouth’s structure and understand that you need mild anesthesia for the process. If an emergency happens such as a toothache or dislocated tooth, then you can drive quickly to a dental facility that is located nearby.

Parents Learn to Trust the Local Dental Office Team with Their Children

As a parent, you know that you can bring an infant for their first visit to a general dentist to determine if their primary teeth are healthy, and because your toddler is visiting the same dental facility each time, they are less fearful about the process and think it is fun to undergo dental exams. This makes dental office visits simpler for parents who do not want to cope with a child having a temper tantrum in a dental facility’s parking lot. You can feel comfortable dropping a teenager off at the dental facility to have a simple procedure because you trust the dental care team completely. To have professional dental exams for you and family members, contact our Charlotte dentist office to schedule your appointments.

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