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South Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist Recommends These Teeth Whitening Solutions

Many people desire a brighter, whiter set of teeth. Having a pearly white smile can both increase someone’s attractiveness while boosting the confidence they need to succeed. Teeth whitening is often recommended for those who are looking to improve their overall dental health and appearance. Although visiting a cosmetic dentist is recommended, it is possible to look into homemade solutions as well. Here are some recommended teeth whitening solutions.

Whitening Toothpaste
Everyday toothpastes are generally there to help whiten teeth on a daily basis. However, not all toothpastes contain the necessary ingredients for whitening. Because of this, there are toothpastes that are made with bleaching ingredients and specifically designed to help whiten teeth. Toothpastes with whitening properties often take up to two weeks for results to show. Whitening toothpastes are the cheapest teeth whitening solutions available out there. However, whitening toothpastes are not as useful when it comes to deep discoloration, making them best used for minor stains.

Whitening Strips
Whitening strips are another solution when it comes to trying to lighten the color of your teeth. These strips often contain peroxide or bleach and are made of polyethylene, a thin plastic-based material. Like whitening toothpastes, whitening strips are generally considered to be a less expensive way of trying to get lighter teeth. These strips also provide results faster, often in just a few days of use. Be sure not to use any strips containing chlorine dioxide as this could affect tooth enamel.

Homemade Solutions
There are many homemade solutions recommended over the internet and by homeopathic enthusiasts. For example, a paste can be created from mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Another solution can be made from mixing baking soda and lemon, used once a week and applied using a cotton swab. More natural solutions include the use of banana peels, coconut oil paste or rinses made from apple cider vinegar.
Professional Teeth Whitening
Despite the abundance of recipes and remedies that are available over the counter, it is advised to consult with a cosmetic dentist when it comes to looking to whiten teeth. Fortunately, our dentist in South Charlotte can help you navigate what procedure or solution is right for you. Contact us today!


Bringing Children for the First Dental Visit

The fear of dentists among children is virtually ubiquitous, and the reasons vary. Some kids have listened to their friends’ tales, and others build off their own parents’ fear. Instead of making the first appointment with the general dentist an overwhelming and terrifying experience, help to calm your kids’ nerves early on.

Use Children’s Literature
To squash the playground stories of dental exams, pick up some children’s books about positive experiences at the dentists the next time you’re at the library or book store. Perhaps these tales begin with the protagonist fearing the general dentist, but then developing an appreciation for the practice and good oral health after the visit. When children can identify with the main characters, they can also begin building their own self confidence.

Share Your Own Positive Experiences
Even if you haven’t realized it, you may have let it slip that you have your own fears about dental exams, thereby giving your children the wrong impression. Instead of focusing on taking back those negative statements you made, pay attention to sharing positive times at the dentist. You may explain how your childhood dentist helped you to overcome a particular problem you were having, or you may want to share a funny story about a time when you went to the dentist.

Plan a Reward
You want to encourage your children to follow through with healthy habits, so opting for an unhealthy snack after the dentist is not necessarily the best idea. However, after you visit the local dentist office, you could plan to go to the amusement park or pick up a video game that your kids have been begging you for. While you don’t want to teach your children that they receive rewards every time that they go to the dentist, you can at least use this tactic to familiarize them with the process.

Accepting that your children may still have some fear, even after employing these strategies, is important. Learning to work through fear and taking on challenging tasks helps children to develop a greater sense of character and ability to overcome adversity. Help them along the way, but work to shape them into adults who can do these tasks for themselves.

To get started on this path to better oral health for your kids, contact our Charlotte dental practice to  schedule an appointment today!

Soon to be Moms Consider These Dental Care Tips Before and During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time during which new moms spend many hours preparing for their new bundle of joy. While planning a nursery and going to prenatal visits are all important aspects of preparing for a new baby, it is also important for an expectant mother to take care of her oral health. A mother’s oral health and hygiene can have a significant impact upon her ability to conceive and carry her baby to term with optimum health. The following tips are offered by our Pineville dentists to help new mothers to care for their teeth and gums before and throughout their pregnancy.

Schedule a Pre-Pregnancy Exam

Our dentists prefer to see their patients before they become pregnant so that they can assess their oral health and identify potential problems before treatments are limited. Because many expecting mothers prefer to avoid certain medications during pregnancy, it is best to have all major dental work completed before conception. Additionally, a pre-pregnancy exam will enable a woman’s dentist to provide further ideas for dental tips when pregnant.

Have Regular Cleanings

Pregnancy gingivitis is a common oral health condition that can occur as early as the second month of pregnancy. The rise in pregnancy hormones can contribute to swelling and bleeding in the gums that can turn into periodontitis if it is left untreated. Our dentists recommend that a pregnant woman should have cleanings at least every several months during her pregnancy to help keep plaque and tartar at bay.

Practice Proper Home Care

During the times between dental visits, a woman can follow her dental tips when pregnant by practicing proper home care techniques. This means avoiding sugary snacks and treats even when the cravings strike. It is also important to brush between meals and floss at least once every day. If a problem does arise, it is best to schedule an appointment with her dentist as soon as possible so that they can determine the appropriate treatment. This way, a woman can enjoy excellent oral health throughout her pregnancy while protecting the development of her baby.

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