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What to Do About Dental Pit Stains

Few people understand or even realize that dental pit stains exist, but they’re one of the main causes of an unsightly smile and something that most would rather do without. If your smile isn’t as bright and white as you would like it to be, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from pit stains that could be removed. At Solace Dentistry we not only help explain what pit stains are to our patients, but we take great pride in effectively clearing them away to leave behind a pearly white smile at the tops of your teeth once again.

Understanding Dental Pit Stains

Our teeth have tiny holes at the tops where the chewing surface lies. These are natural holes and they’re known as pits. These pits help give food a place to go while chewing, and they’re healthy to have, but they can also be a location for stains to occur. Dental pits become darkened over time and prevent teeth from being their whitest and brightest. Stains develop from dark colored foods and drinks that we consume, and they won’t go away naturally on their own. That’s why it’s necessary to take action to treat the stains if you don’t want them on your teeth. There is only one effective way to treat the stains, and that’s with teeth whitening.

At Solace Dentistry, we offer an array of tooth whitening products and services to our patients, making it faster and easier to take care of all sorts of tooth stains. If you have pit stains that you want to deal with, along with other types of dental stains, we can help you remove them. Our treatment solutions vary, and not one form of whitening works best for every patient, so it’s important to come see us for a consultation. Let our expert dentist take a look at your mouth to determine what type of stains you’re suffering from and how they should best be treated.

Visit us at Solace Dentistry in Charlotte North Carolina and get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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