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When to Apply Heat Following Oral Procedures

Oral procedures can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable after all is said and done. This is something that is not painful, but it is sore and can cause the person to want to aid in the healing of the area. Heat is sometimes referred for certain procedures, while cold might be recommended for others. Our professionals at Solace Dentistry tell you which one is best for the specific procedure that you’re going to be having done. You want to make the best choice following oral procedures on which is going to make you feel the most comfortable.

Heat Following Oral Procedures

Heat should be used on an area that is sore three days or more after the procedure. It shouldn’t be used before then. Ice is generally recommended on the area before three days to help reduce swelling that might have been caused by the procedure.

When adding heat or cold to the area of the mouth, it is always recommended that both are not applied directly to the area. This is because it can cause damage to the outside skin. Make sure to use a washcloth or other item in between the skin and the ice or warm.

Continuing the heat after three days can not only help the jaw become more comfortable and less stiff, but the area to find relief from uncomfortable pain.

Speak with Our Dentists

When you’d like a more peaceful, comfortable dental experience then speak with our professionals at Solace Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are able to provide the best solution to your dental needs. We want to make sure that you’re going to succeed when it comes to having a better, brighter, healthier smile. We aim to provide comfort for all of the patients we see, while reducing their anxiety about visiting the dentist.

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